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  • Dean Van Dyke

Without Mistakes, We'll Never Learn!

We learn more from our mistakes than we can ever learn from our successes. There is no success without first making mistakes. Take Thomas Edison, for example. He failed 1,000 times at inventing the lightbulb but never gave up because success is always right around the corner. That was true for Edison, and it's true for your business, too.

Embrace Your Mistakes

You won't know what works until you figure out what doesn't work. Failure, this is not. This is more like experimentation. As a business, you want customers, and marketing is how you bring them into the fold. The best marketers will try different marketing strategies to find the ones that drive results. When you're not so worried about making mistakes but rather embracing them, you'll find that you and your employees will be more prone to taking bold risks that bring an excellent ROI.

Failure is the Birth of Success

Another way to view failure is to acknowledge that some pretty remarkable things have come out of mistakes. Penicillin comes to mind. Silly Putty is another. When it comes to marketing, the same rules apply. What you might think is a mistake could work out to be your best branding idea yet.

Learn and Grow

Without mistakes, employees won't have the chance to learn and grow, which is vital for your business health. When an employee makes a mistake, the focus should be on what they learned and how to move forward with that information. This gives your employees the confidence to try new things; otherwise, your business could be running stagnant with everyone terrified of making a mistake.

Your Brain Loves Mistakes

Did you know your brain grows when you make a mistake? It's true. According to a study in Scientific American, when you make a mistake, your brain starts to compile information, and during this learning process, it gets bigger. During this time (the brain returns to its normal size once the learning process is finished), the brain retains new neural pathways from taking in the information about the mistake, thus maturing the brain. Wow!

To create a business culture where mistakes are embraced and successes rewarded, it's essential to take on a mindset whereby failure is seen as a ladder to success rather than something that should be reprimanded and shamed. Marketing is a craft that can be measured, which means mistakes can be measured against successes in a clear, concise way that will honestly reflect growth - something everyone can appreciate.

To propel your business forward with a positive mindset, reach out to or click to schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session, and start working towards abundance today!


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