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How to build a ROCKSTAR Employee Acquisition Plan in 2023

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tina Mitchell from the Money Show about how to build a rockstar employee acquisition plan. I shared my secrets about how businesses like mine have found top talent using these strategies!

Tina Mitchell

So, what is the key thing when recruiting for companies?

Dean Van Dyke

The biggest challenge right now is finding qualified folks for the team. And the one essential thing for them is having a rock star ad.

If their ad is cookie-cutter, just like what I see the most, it will not attract the top talent you're looking for.

That's the biggest challenge.

In fact, after speaking to a group of auto professionals last weekend, I see that's where they were struggling. When we looked at some job ads and did some critiques, they were like, oh, it was like that light bulb went off, and they were like, we could do so much better.

Tina Mitchell

If you're not getting the results that you want, it is almost always in how you're delivering your message and the adjustment to that delivery. Delivery is usually just adjusting a few words and how you deliver.

So, what are the top hiring mistakes?

Dean Van Dyke

Knowing the top hiring mistakes is important because it will most definitely help you avoid them.

1 - Well, the biggest challenge most people make is thinking that experience always counts. While experience is great, you're potentially bringing in many bad habits.

2 - Another area is too much emphasis on the interview or hiring in your own image. Folks should look at . . . "What are my weaknesses that I need to augment?" and then bring in somebody that has a strength in that area.

3 - Overly impressed by formal education? Well, that's great to see in a resume, but can you apply what you've learned? Sometimes that's not possible with what they've learned.

4- Then we have training - which is another big one. We rely on training to fill gaps; if the skill set doesn't match what you're trying to do, that is a huge challenge.

5 - Coaching from your competitors that will come back around in some form or fashion by a competitor, coaching one of your team members.

6 - One thing I always love to talk about is we have two of these for a reason, and one of these need to listen more and listen for cues so that you can understand who you're potentially going to hire.

7 - Overlooking cultural fit is huge because if it's not a fit for the team, it's a really big one that creates bigger challenges down the road.

8 - Lacking a structured hiring process, I don't know how many business owners I talk to. I just don't have a process. And one of the key things I tell them is to have a structured hiring process if you like to stay out of hot water with the government.

9 - Having a solid onboarding plan. If you don't bring employees on and make them feel like a rock star on that, through your onboarding process, it sets the tone for the future.

When I last checked, there were over 10 million job openings. But really, it's qualified workers.

Last week when I was talking to these auto industry folks, they've had folks that apply for a job. It could be a level one, two, or three technicians, and they're coming from places that from retail and have no experience.

So the biggest challenge for them is . . . do they have the desire to learn?

When I started in the auto industry, I won't say how many decades, but it was a few. I didn't know. But I grew up with a father who had spent 30-plus years as a journeyman mechanic. I had the knowledge, but many people say they want to get into a new field in the auto industry - Of course, depending on what you're doing.

You've got to understand what you're doing because it can be deadly if you do it wrong. And that's the biggest challenge they're having, just qualified workers.

And another big one is still turnover, and lack of childcare. That's huge. And then some folks are still concerned about health. We still have issues with COVID. We have variants. And so there are some concerns with that as well.

Tina Mitchell

It's so important when you're going through that interview process and getting to know the candidate and having your company stand out is just asking them questions.

What's really important to you, and what is it lacking right now? And then you can really tailor around what their needs are in your conversation.

So, what's the cost of a bad hire?

Dean Van Dyke

There are some statistics out there that say it could be up to 30% of the annual salary. Now put that in perspective.

I'll give you an example.

In the auto industry here in Washington State, it's about on the auto body technician side, it's about 88,000, which is an average of 30%. That's a pretty significant number for an employer to eat because that's what happens.

Luckily I can help them calculate that. I've got a workbook that you actually plug the numbers in, and it will give you a number.

A lot of business owners don't want that number because they don't want to see what that potential damage is. But there's more just in thinking about that as well as the motivation, the impact on your team.

Those are some big ones that are tough to overcome.

And lastly, when not talking about a bad hire is your business's reputation.

Tina Mitchell

When it's a bad hire, you’ll also have the retention issue. Let’s say you've got someone on your team that's a bad hire.

In that case, it's spreading throughout the rest of your team where your great hires initially could not become such great parts of the team because you've got that bad mindset going through the organization's culture.

What is an essential thing for a company to do when hiring that they should remember?

Dean Van Dyke

So one of the key things I always do is working with my clients as they work to bring cannabis through is we put them through a test drive, we put them through a situation that they would be doing in their normal course of work.

For example. . . Take one of my clients in the auto industry. Say they're hiring a new technician. We'll bring that technician in for maybe four to 8 hours paid, of course. And give them a project to do, whether it's metal fabrication.

Picking up part of the vehicle or something like that so that we can understand and evaluate whether or not they can do the job. If they can't do the job, then it's not a good fit for them.

And also it helps you to understand team dynamics because I always recommend taking them to lunch. Let the team take them to lunch and let the team interact and understand who this person is that they're seeking to hire.

Tina Mitchell

I call that working interviews. The mortgage business in many industries is different but the same as what you just shared in this case study.

You know, put together a case study, you need somebody to present, have them put together a presentation. If you need somebody to be out networking for your business, you need to go to a networking event and see how they engage.

So really important to have those working interviews. I have them doing that job to see how they will do it. And really great share of having them interact with the team because, ultimately, that's who they will spend their time with. The team will appreciate input on who will be brought into that team.

Tina Mitchell

How should a company craft its recruiting ad?

Dean Van Dyke

Where key points one of the things in my practice is I use a formula called AIDA, which is attention, interest, desire, and action.

Using that structure helps let them know that you're looking for rockstars, that you can use different verbiage, but a lot of ads you see out there is hey, come work for us, we're a great company. Well, I would hope so, but it's things like using that formula and there's other marketing formulas out there that you can use, but that's the one I use with my clients.

And last week, we actually went through an exercise where I showed them I didn't take on their job as I found another one and we went through there and I said, hey, this is how I would revise this app. And you could see all the light bulbs go off in their heads about, wow, that is different. Yes. And then I had to rewrite their job ads and present them; it was an amazing difference.

Tina Mitchell

Yeah, that's great. And by having a great ad, you're standing out most likely from all of the people that you're trying to compete for that same candidate and your ad is going to stand out for them.

So, where could a company generate recruiting leads?

Dean Van Dyke

The first place I tell them to look is to look in-house. There could be one of your team members has a referral and knows somebody, but they don't think about it. . . Unless you ask.

The other place I always look is to call back previous rockstars on your team because you never know their situation if you haven't stayed in contact - which is a quick way.

With networking, referrals are the best way to find that next resource. When the business owners are out networking, I've got a list of 20 different ones. I promise I won't go through them all here.

When business owners are out networking, every networking opportunity could be a job interview that they could do. And so it's just being aware and understanding those different avenues. And if you notice, I didn't mention job boards because that's what everybody runs.

Tina Mitchell

Just like if you're in sales in your business, it's the same if you're going out and recruiting for candidates. It's a much more successful process if you count the warm and don't have to stalk the cold.

So, what are some techniques to screen initial candidates?

Dean Van Dyke

So one of the things that I love to coach clients as well as folks that are in there, out there recruiting, is you really need to there are some quick screening processes that you can use.

First of all, stop having them email your business address. Set up a separate and distinct recruiting email, whether it's, but at least they're not going to your inbox.

And second, I always set up a separate phone number because if they're going to call and in your ad, you call this out, hey, call this number between the hours of 2:00pm and 04:00pm.

On these two days and leave a voicemail about why we should hire you. We're not going to talk to the folks that call outside those hours. Because one, attention, it's a lack of attention to detail. And in any job that you do, attention to detail is essential.

Those two critical things will help you screen out the ones that are not rockstars.

[H2] If you're struggling to hire and need help building a stellar team, don't hesitate to contact me. I offer a 30-minute complimentary coaching session that’ll help you clear.

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